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Carp Fishing Tackle Summary: The Daiwa Longbow DF Rod (3.5lb)

In Chinese mythology, the Dragon's Gate sits on top of a waterfall that cascades from a legendary mountain. Legend has it that even though lots of carp endeavour a tricky swim against the current of the river, not very many of them dive across that gate. For those determined and capable fish that do, the reward is a remarkable transformation into a powerful dragon with magical powers. In keeping with the legend, the scales on a dragon are believed to have derived from the idea that it was first a carp. The thought of a carp jumping across the gate is symbolic of daringness, diligence, and success. Is there another reason why a fisherman would pursue this splendid fish? To do battle with this proto-dragon, it will take the finest carp fishing tackle I can manage to pay for! I am biased toward Daiwa gear, for the simple fact that it contains the optimal blend of cost with workability in my opinion. Here's some information about a great carp rod from Daiwa: the Longbow DF 3.5lb model.

Carp Fishing Tackle: Key Features of the Daiwa Longbow DF Rod

The most significant aspect of this incredible carp rod is its inheritance, being that it was created along with Danny Fairbrass, a well-known UK carp fisherman. In addition, he manages Korda Developments, which is a UK business which creates terminal carp fishing tackle. Broadcasted widely on UK television in programmes such as State of the Art Carp Fishing, Danny is a real star in the carp fishing world. His influence is clearly seen in the elegant, yet highly functional design of the Daiwa Longbow DF's super-slim, high-quality blank. It features a silk matt finish that reduces glare significantly -- a small but important detail for those extended carp fishing excursions.

Carp Fishing Tackle: Further Facts on the Longbow DF Rod

You will likely have to shell out around £200.00 to purchase this top-grade carp rod, that features a medium profile along with a huge diameter butt configuration. It's also incorporated with a trusty Fuji DPS reel seat, along with a profiled NS shrink tube handle. There's a durable metal butt cap and trim rings. The general sense of the Longbow DF is that it is an excellent rod for reaching longer distances, and casting more weighty loads. This 3.5lb series achieves distances as far out as 140yd with amazing precision.

Carp Fishing Tackle: The Longbow DF Rod is Slated to Be a Sensation, Also

Because I was inquisitive about where the rod derived its name, I did some studying on it. The longbow is a long-established Chinese bow produced out of a resilient, sturdy bamboo core. It is really a kind of spontaneous composite bow. More materials employed in creating this bow consist of birch bark, wooden tips, wooden handle, and sinew. The longbow is considerably more sizeable than those in other Asian cultures, and frequently is embellished with shagreen, stingray or shark skin. Other decorations include appliqued symbols that represent wealth, longevity and good fortune, perfect foils for the carp's legendary courage and determination.

Just like the longbow, its namesake rod, is an ideal piece of carp fishing tackle including many homemade features all around. An excellent weapon for battling the cunning carp!

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