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Custom Guitar Neck

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Custom Guitar Neck

Wholesale From China: Top Tips On Customized Products

If you are just starting business as a reseller, importing wholesale products from China, you may not have given any thought to the multiple advantages of offering customized products.

But, the fact is that there are great advantages to selling customized products!

What is an Benefit of Selling Custom-made Products?

A great advantage in selling customized products can be summed up double words: Brand Building.

If you are a newbie to the world of ecommerce, you may be unfamiliar with terms about building your brand and brand recognition. But, if you stick around long enough, you'll soon be very well aware of absolutely what brand building is and what it can mean to your sales and the growth of your online business!

What is Brand Building?

In a nutshell, building your brand means that you build up consumer recognition of your brand. Why is this a big thing? Because the more your brand is recognized, the easier it is for people to remember you and what your business is all about.

Consider some of the Big Box merchants who have done a great job of building their brand and expanding brand recognition:

*McDonalds---Golden arches

*Chevy---The distinctive logo

*Nike---the signature swoosh

*Apple Computers---The apple with a bite missing

*Shell Fuel---A shell logo

Those are only a handful, there are plenty more that have achieved significant, often worldwide, brand recognition.

What works for them can work for you, as well!

Building your brand by customizing the China wholesale products you sell is a smooth move business-wise that could send your sales skyrocketing in a much shorter span of time than it would generally take to accomplish the same effect with non-customized goods.

You may choose to have your products all be a distinctive color, for example. Look at the always popular Barbie doll and the shade of pink that has come to be universally known as “Barbie Pink."

Mary Kay makeup did the same thing with their own distinct shade of pink. When you spot a car on the road that is painted that unique color, you certainly know it's a Mary Kay car.

Or, you may choose to have your logo on the product, or even on the packaging.

It doesn't matter as much where or how you customize your products, just the customization alone will stand you in great stead when it comes to making your products and your dealing unforgettable.

If you're entertaining ideas of trying to do this on your own….you may want to reconsider. Unless you're a multi-millionaire tycoon, it's unlikely that you could pull the right strings to get a small batch of wholesale from China products customized.

But, by trade with a famous, established product source such as Chinavasion, you have someone right there in China that does have the buying ability to

some strings and can act in your behalf and have this done for you!

So, check with Chinavasion now and find out about selling custom wholesale products that will build your brand and grow your business!

Toying with the idea of selling custom wholesale products from China, but have no idea how to start? Let a well established, large China wholesale product source, such as Chinavasion, act as your agent and handle it for you! Come to or paste this URL into your browser:

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Custom Guitar

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Custom Guitar

Custom Outdoor Kitchens: Get It On Outside!

Thousands of people come to Florida yearly to live and play in a place that offers so much, and has such great weather.. If you live here, chances are that you appreciate how easy it is to enjoy the outdoors. As the conditions are always permitting, grilling is an activity that can be done throughout the year.. Grilling obviously results in amazingly delicious foods, but the process is a huge part of the success.

Grills come with so many different options, and so many styles, that you can definitely be sure the perfect one is out there. The ultimate experience for the at-home grilling professional has got to be the fully-equipped, custom-designed outdoor kitchen. What could possibly make your backyard more inviting, than adding a kitchen that is made to your own specifications? They can be lavish or simple, and include every possible amenity, or can be a perfect spot for grilling, and only grilling with ample counter space and storage options. We use top of the line grills, such as those by Solaire, for exceptional performance. Whether you have an enormous patio to work with, or limited space, a custom grill island can be designed specifically for you.

For more than ten years in South Florida, the possibilities have been endless. We’ve constructed hundreds of outdoor kitchens, and tested a variety of methods that have proven to withstand the temperamental rainy season, the severe heat, tropical storms, and even major hurricanes. Construction has always been performed on-site, to ensure absolute precision in support and stability. With this kind of background, we have the ability to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Working with other contracting professionals, nearly any design scheme can be executed. Electricity can be run in multitude of ways, to make arrangements for additional lighting, appliances like ice machines, refrigeration, and even to house a television. Plumbing can also be custom rigged for custom running water. Grill islands are as varied as homes and personal taste, so there is no design that cannot be built.

In the beginning, our outdoor kitchens were done with masonry. While good quality, this method was extraordinarily time consuming. Poured concrete was used for a short time, but this was not only a long process, but it was also not as sturdy. Galvanized steel framing was the answer to constructing in a timely manner, with extremely secure construction. It is comparable to the galvanized steel used to build the walls within homes, however it is commercial grade, and much more dense and resilient than the galvanized product sold in retail store. This method is now used in our summer kitchens, fire pits, and fireplaces. In building, we exceed the mandatory legal standards for our construction. Our designs have been tested by homeowners over the years in tropical storm and hurricane conditions, and certainly prove their excellence. The only grill repair that has ever been necessary due to the elements has been minor. Scratched grill hoods, broken tiles are the worst damages we have faced – a testament to the strength of our superior built grill islands.

Another reason customers are so pleased to refer us, is that we get the job done in a short amount of time, sometimes as little as four day for delivery of a grill. The process from design to manufacturing and construction has been perfected to the point of science for us, and can be completed without an excessive time frame.

A custom summer kitchen1 can turn your home into the ultimate home resort! We use the finest American BBQ that can remain strong in South Florida’s humid, hot, and sometimes intense weather conditions. A grill island is the perfect addition to any home!

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Custom Guitar

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Custom Guitar

How to prep your instrument for guitar refinishing

Guitar refinishing is a good idea to customize your musical instruments. This type of refinishing also do restore and fixing, so if you need to make it totally alone you have to be talented enough for a complete guitar refinishing. If it is an acoustic or electrical guitars, if the instrument actually needs refinishing, don't hesitate to do it because it affects the instruments performance and your performance also.

Refinishing may take a while; it is not hard though for sure it will take plenty of time so you've got to be patient about this. You cannot easily transform a 20 year old guitar into a new one overnight! It takes time, particularly if we are restoring colours and fix some damages on the parts of your guitar.

These are some simple steps that might be helpful for you when you're refinishing your guitar.

Remove the old finish

The very first thing you have got to do when you are restoring your guitar is to get rid of its old finish. But of course, before you perform this action you have to remove each part of the guitar, leaving the wood alone so you can fully took away the old finish. Remember to put your guitar parts into a box with dividers or put the parts separately and sort the same parts. If you are new to refinishing your guitar it is recommended to utilise a light stripper for your old finish. Reapply as needed until you completely remove it. Then, let us head to the very next step. Get ready to prepare the wood.

Wood preparation

The second thing that you need to do is to examine your wood. Has it got any issue? Does it have any scratches? What about bumps and other damages? After inspecting it, then you want to choose whether to fix it all or not. Luthier tools and supplies will help you fix the damages on you guitar. Fixing your guitar for any issues is highly advocated.

Fernando Ditty is a qualified guitar man who loves to share his enthusiasm in customized guitars like custom guitar picks, custom guitar shop, custom guitar straps, custom pickguards, and guitar refinishing.

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Custom Guitar

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Custom Guitar

Solid Wood Countertops Help to Revive Your House's Kitchen

Designing your kitchen requires a lot of thinking considering that there are many things to consider. You must presume first what atmosphere you would like to include in your kitchen therefore the painting has to be fantastic. Also, you have to decide where to place the many appliances you have but still include extra spaces for walkways. However one of the more concerns in terms to your kitchen planning is the center point of the room, the countertops.

Countertops are often considered a critical part of the kitchen since it is where the eyes are first set upon. Almost all of the kitchen cabinets currently are consisting of kitchen countertops, for instance kitchen islands, to get rid of the requirement for more furnishings in the kitchen. Hence among the dominating eye catchers in the kitchen is the countertop.

If you plan to design your countertop, you can opt to have a wood countertop instead. These types of countertops are nowhere very expensive as compared to other hard materials but still it is very functional, aesthetically beautiful and of course durable. Wood countertops are among the top choices for countertops because of its versatility.

Furthermore, if planning to have a wood countertop, why not try customizing it? Custom wood countertops are assured perfection since it instills the kind of specifications you want for your countertops. Other regular countertops may also look good but having your personal choices on your kitchen furniture creates a difference.

Precisely what makes these custom-made kitchen countertops not the same as the typical ones? Naturally, tailored countertops are more distinct to your option of counter. Many manufacturers of countertops are including customization in their product lines so their customers can buy exactly what they want from their countertops, including the type of wood, the finish, the construction and the color.

In pondering on the total look of your quality wood countertops, you have to first take into account the style or layout of your kitchen.' Would it be the traditional and antique look or perhaps the retro and sophisticated layout? Are you trying to blend modern and traditional themes in your kitchen or are you sticking to a modern design? It will help you decide the style of your countertop as well as the color of your wood.’

Deciding to customize your wood countertop will help you enhance your kitchen the way you want it to be. You could organize whatever you fancy for your kitchen thus you could set and cook your meals with much efficiency and pleasure in the kitchen you've always dreamed of.

For some fantastic visuals of quality countertops, visit the portfolio section of today.

Chris Young Supports St. Jude Children's Hospital With 'Neon' Christmas Tree (Taste of Country)

Chris Young is spreading his love for Christmas and St. Jude Children's
Research Hospital by sponsoring a special holiday tree that can be found
inside Nashville's Gaylord Opryland Resort. This is the second time the singer
has sponsored a tree as part of the hotel's fifth annual Hall of Trees, with
is once again benefiting the research and treatment of pediatric cancer and
other deadly childhood diseases. Each tree in [...]

Taste of Country

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Custom Guitar

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Custom Guitar

Designer And Custom Made Furniture

Designer furniture looks really marvellous because someone has designed it. This is the reason that many people opt to have it in their homes and also the reason why businesses love to have these types of furniture for their premises.

Designer furniture is also put together well because the designer will be aiming towards the top end of the market and will know that people want their furniture to be well made. The quality is significantly better in contrast to cheap or flat-pack furniture.

You can get yourself off-the-shelf designer furniture or perhaps you might commission a designer to create you a unique piece. To get a designer to make you anything from scratch can cost you a lot but will ensure you end up with something that is truly unique and contains a little bit of you or your business within it. Not every person can afford this but there's a good compromise available.

If you want an item of furniture from a classy retailer you will sometimes discover that you have the option of changing a couple of things because they offer custom made furniture - you can select from items they already sell but you get to pick the finish so that you can get the perfect piece for your home or business.

Whatever way you decide to obtain it, having special pieces of furniture adds a finishing touch to a space that mass-market furniture could not. Whether its television storage or a chair, the difference in quality and design will be evident.

Unique pieces are amazing because you have the knowledge that you are the only person in the whole world with them.

By having designer or custom made furniture you can be sure of quality items which make a genuine statement and you can be sure that your house or company stands out from the rest.

Designer furniture is a great option for anyone that wants great furniture that isn’t the same as everyone else has and something that could one day be worth more than you paid for it.

Enjoy the shopping….

GarageBand Now Available for iPhone and iPod touch Users (Apple)

CUPERTINO, California—November 1, 2011—Apple® today announced that
GarageBand®, its breakthrough music creation app, is now available for iPhone®
and iPod touch® users. Introduced earlier this year on iPad®, GarageBand uses
Apple’s revolutionary Multi-Touch™ interface to make it easy for anyone to
create and record their own songs, even if they’ve never played an instrument

“GarageBand on iPad has been a big hit and we think customers will love using
it on their iPhone or iPod touch,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice
president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “The innovative Multi-Touch
interface combined with Smart Instruments makes it easy to create great
sounding music, even if you’ve never studied music or played an instrument

GarageBand features a collection of fun Touch Instruments that sound great and
make it easy for beginners or experienced musicians to play and record
keyboards, guitars, drums and basses in a wide variety of styles. Smart
Instruments now allow you to choose from an extensive new library of custom
chords so you can play and strum along with your favorite songs.

You can plug your electric guitar into iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to play and
record through classic amps and stompbox effects, ...


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