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Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass

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Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass

Fender Mustang Amp

Fender Mustang is a great new guitar amp from Fender and it can easily deliver several sounds from clean to heavy distortion. It comes with 24 presets in 3 different banks. There is 5 different types available and the cheapest is in fact only $99. This is a fantastic practise guitar amp for any beginner or more seasoned guitar players.

All of the the latest Fender amplifiers comes together with the popular Fender Fuse software program which lets you change the settings of the guitar amp through the computer. You have to connect the Fender Mustang Guitar Amp to the laptop or computer through a usb cable that comes along with the amplifier. When you discover a tone you like you can save it either on the laptop or computer as well as directly to one of the 24 presets on the amplifier so that you can use it without having to connect it to the laptop or computer.

You can shift the effects either before or after the actual amplifier to obtain totally different sounds most often in case you use heavy distortion you will need to putt the reverb and delays after the actual amplifier to get a nice tone. In case you choose to share your sound you can add it to the Fender fuse community so many others can utilize your settings. Here you can discover sounds from several popular guitar players and bands. For example if you like AC/DC and Angus Young sound you can easily download and install a patch with settings similar to his and upload it to your Fender Mustang Guitar amp and begin playing.

The Mustang family of amplifiers really are quite good sounding and includes many good ratings from several guitar players and what amazes the most is without question the actual price of the smallest amplifier that possess the same effects as the larger units mainly a smaller speaker with less power. The bigger devices have more possibilities and you can modify a great deal more of the settings directly on the actual amplifier with out the Fender fuse application.

The Mustang I&II offers 12 modulation effects: chorus, phaser, flanger, vibratone, tremolo, step filter and octaver that you can adjust on the amplifier. It also offers 12 delay and reverb effects that you additionally can control with a knob on the amplifier. To modify the level you will have to hold down the exit button and then modify the corresponding knob to the level of your choice.

The usb connection will provide you with a low latency output that you can easily use to record with straight through the amplifier. The Fender Mustang also comes together with Ableton live lite which is a multi track recording program. You additionally have an Aux input where you will be able to play a tune from your own mp3 player or computer and play along, this is in fact a clean signal even in case you have got distortion effects.

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