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Takamine 12

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Takamine 12

Tips On Visiting The Newport Folk Festival

Every year since 1959, the Newport Folk Festival has been a wonderful two day music event and epicenter for the folk music scene. It's brought a number of famous musicians into the spotlight and fan's scrapbook pages before they were popular, and continues to be a showcase for talent both old and new. For these reasons, it's considered a great musical destination during the summer. If you're considering folk festivals this summer, here's a few tips I've picked up from the Newport event.

In terms of lodging arrangements, Newport has many very nice hotels and campgrounds fairly close to this festival's site. One nice campground worth checking out is called Melville Ponds. Don't expect to be sleeping at this festival, however, since the Fort Adams State Park does not offer this service.

The Newport festival encourages people to be environmentally responsible, and so emphasizes that multiple bicycle parking areas are near the festival entrance, as well as buses and water shuttles. Regular car parking passes are also for sale, but will cost more if purchased at the event itself, rather than ahead of time.

There's a larger list of restrictions on this festival's website for what is and is not allowed during the two-day event, but to quickly summarize: glass containers, alcohol, pets, and audio and video recording devices should all be left at home. These restrictions are pretty common for concerts and music festivals, so even if you don't visit the website, please keep in mind a little festival common sense. Additionally, beach umbrellas should be left at home, but accommodations can be made by event staff if you have a medical condition that requires more limited sunlight.

Since it's the middle of summer when the Newport folk festival takes place, make sure to bring a large supply of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, or whatever else helps keep you healthy through long exposure to strong sunlight. Also bring some money for the wonderful food vendors, especially the local delis that have set up shop around the main stage. As far as clothing is concerned, use common sense, but versatile footgear will make a big difference, like rugged leather brown boots.

Sometimes gear will be displayed around the festival, like a Takamine acoustic guitar, which can be used to perform and demo. One sponsor a few years ago had a songwriting contest! The other local vendors have some interesting stuff as well.

Whether you decide to go to both days of this fine festival, or just one, have fun and be safe at Newport!

My Acoustic/Electric Takamine 12 String Pickup Buzzes?

I Broke the original shell and after I found a new shell {body & neck} minus hardwear , I reatached the hardwear from my original & now have a buzz like a "ground' problem . Any help would be apreciated

It's most likely a problem having to do with the area between the coils and the cover, I highly suggest you take it in to a guitar tech to check it out. no sense in damaging a perfectly good guitar

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